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Dec 23

Futures group board members file election complaint with CFTC

Crain’s Chicago Business Two board members of the National Futures Association filed a complaint with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission alleging that the organization skirted its own rules in selecting candidates for the board and then falsified its records…. The dispute revolves around details of the nomination process for the... read more →
Dec 09

Roe/Koutoulas ask for two more years Since our election, we have continued standing up for the industry, especially for CTAs and CPOs that struggle to deal with ever increasing and changing regulation. If you deem us worthy of second terms, we will continue to work hard to balance customer protections with regulatory efficiency and reduce... read more →
Nov 26

Do You Own the Worst Investment in the Stock Market?

DailyFinance  “At a recent industry event, Koutoulas gave a detailed presentation on the pitfalls of certain ETFs. For example, between October of 2008 and June of 2010 the price of crude oil futures almost quadrupled, yet the ETF for oil, USO, stayed basically flat due to the cost of rolling... read more →
Jul 28

Interview with James Koutoulas

CTA Playbook “James Koutoulas, the tireless champion of futures customers harmed in the MF Global implosion, and one of our CTA representatives on NFA’s board of directors, was one of the first people who signed the “Just Say No” petition regarding NFA’s recent idea to impose capital requirements on CTAs.”
Apr 03

CCC still waiting on prosecution

Futures Magazine James Koutoulas, co-founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition (CCC), says, “While MF Global was one of the most catastrophic events in the history of the futures industry, I'm elated that after two-and-a-half years customers are finally going to be made whole.”
Apr 03

MF Global Customers to Be Paid Back in Full

New York Times “It’s been a two-and-a-half-year roller coaster ride for 38,000 customers,” said James L. Koutoulas, a Chicago hedge fund manager and lawyer who became a voice for MF Global customers whose money disappeared. “But it’s a great feeling that they have been made whole – at last.”
Nov 27
Oct 02

MF Global Repayments Near

The Wall Street Journal "It's horrible the customers had to endure being deprived of their property," said James Koutoulas, president of Commodity Customer Coalition, a group representing customers of commodities brokers. "But it's great…to put it behind them."
Jun 05

Bancorp sued over ‘Midwest Madoff’ brokerage accounts

Reuters James Koutoulas, a lawyer and money manager, who co-founded the Commodity Customer Coalition to advocate for former MF Global and Peregrine customers offered cautious optimism on the CFTC suit on Wednesday. "It's really the first ray of hope that we've seen for a while, and it's a good one,"... read more →
May 03

Independent counsel sought for MF Global Probe

Chicago Tribune A U.S. congressman is pressing for the appointment of an independent counsel to take over a federal criminal probe into the collapse of the MF Global Holdings Ltd brokerage firm. Michael Grimm, a first-term Republican congressman from New York City and member of the House Financial Services Committee,... read more →