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Argos Alternative Funds

18-Jul-2019 Gross MTD Gross YTD NAV per Share
Leonidas Cryptocurrency Fund +2.06% -14.01% +23.58% $877.11
Leonidas Macro Fund +1.25% -6.80% +7.12% $885.63
Stoic Rules-Based Strategies Fund +0.39% -2.67% -2.36% $792.45
Vulcan Metals Fund -0.06% -0.77% +3.31% $1,241.76

Managed Account Strategies

19-Jul-2019 Gross MTD Gross YTD Margin-To-Equity
Leonidas Cryptocurrency Program 0.00% -3.18% -2.82% 0.00%
Leonidas Energy Strategy +0.12% -0.90% -1.01% 0.59%
Plutus Grain Strategy +0.80% +1.21% +3.35% 3.63%
Proteus Dynamic Volatility Program -0.12% +2.33% +5.72% 0.00%
Vulcan Metals Strategy -0.00% -0.14% +0.53% 0.66%
Zephyrus Livestock Strategy +1.71% +4.69% -3.74% 0.31%

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Data displayed on the Client Portal is an approximation of the overall gross valuations of the alternative investment vehicles operated by Typhon Capital Management. Data for Vulcan prior to June 2016 is from live proprietary trading pro forma for fees and commissions. Data displayed is from live trading accounts controlled by the firm net of commissions but gross of management and incentive fees and fund expenses. Please see each strategy’s one-page performance summary and disclosure documents for performance net of fees and accounting notes. Data may vary from those of client accounts due to variances in commission rates. The data displayed may not reflect trades executed by each vehicle’s respective investment manager and not yet received by the vehicle’s clearing firm and is delayed by at least five minutes. Any data displayed is for informational purposes only. Investment in any Typhon product is limited to Qualified Eligible Participants only. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns.