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Mar 20
Nov 14

Oil Gets Left Behind in Post-Trump Rally

The Wall Street Journal “That’s just more supply,” said James Koutoulas, Chief Executive at Typhon Capital Management LLC, which manages about $80 million in assets, largely commodities. “That sure isn’t going to boost oil prices.”
Sep 06

Gasoline Glut Threatens a Crude-Oil Rally Fueled by Car Travel

The Wall Street Journal To really boost demand, businesses and governments would have to make big investments in new factories or roads, but they aren’t, said James Koutoulas, chief executive at Typhon Capital Management LLC. He has been betting oil prices will keep retreating at $50 because demand can’t catch... read more →
Jun 24

Will Brexit Create Market Trends, Impact Hedge Fund Performance?

ValueWalk Some noncorrelated funds took a more pragmatic approach to the Brexit. James Koutoulas, leader of the $80 million Typhon Capital Management, instructed his six portfolio managers “take most risk off ahead of the vote precisely to not try and be a hero ahead from a coin flip vote,” he... read more →
Jun 13

Typhon launches metals-focused CTA

CTA Intelligence Chicago-based Typhon Capital Management has launched a metals CTA strategy run by a veteran New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) floor trader. The Vulcan Metals Strategy is a pure discretionary trading strategy managed by James Gallo, who has been a proprietary metals trader on the NYMEX since 1987.
May 17

Oil Climbs on Canadian Fires

The Wall Street Journal While stockpiles and production may still be relatively high, those factors can take a backseat when investors herd into the same space, which they have been doing lately in commodities, said James Koutoulas, chief executive at Typhon Capital Management, a commodity trader in Chicago with about... read more →
Apr 25

Commodity Hedge Funds Are Hot Again

The Wall Street Journal Inflows started again by late 2014 and the firm is now back nearly to its peak after adding $10 million in new investor money in the first quarter of this year, Mr. Koutoulas said. His team has been flying from its Chicago headquarters to Japan, Hong... read more →
Apr 22

Oil Prices Rise as panic Eases

The Wall Street Journal “This is not a place where you want to take a directional oil bet,” said James Koutoulas, chief executive at the futures-trading firm Typhon Capital Management, which manages about $100 million in assets. “You want to [bet on] volatility.”
Feb 10

How to reform the NFA’s corporate governance

CTA Intelligence Outgoing board members James Koutoulas and John Roe offer some recommendations The National Futures Association (NFA) has a large board, even though it was reduced to 29 members with this year’s election. It will now be com- posed of 19 directors affiliated with a member and 10 public... read more →
Feb 09

Oil Settles Below $28 a Barrel

The Wall Street Journal Oil sold off dramatically all of Tuesday afternoon as warnings of oversupply and tumbling stock markets around the world highlight the worst-case possibilities for a struggling market. “You’re seeing a lot of fear,” said James Koutoulas, chief executive at Typhon Capital Management, which manages about $100... read more →