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Nov 14

MF Global customer group joins battle

Futures Magazine James L. Koutoulas has formalized his group advocating on behalf of former MF Global customers and brokers and given it a name: The Commodity Customer Coalition, which is more than 2,500 strong and growing. And on Monday Koutoulas filed an objection to JP Morgan’s interim order that he... read more →
Nov 11

MF Global fund frustration grows, CFTC confirms probe

Reuters James Koutoulas, chief executive of Typhon Capital Management in Chicago, has gathered a loose coalition of around 1,200 MF Global customers who are also frozen out of their cash. As much as $55 million of his firm's money is inaccessible. "Being tied up for even an hour is an... read more →
Nov 09

Clients question CME oversight of MF Global

The New York Times For decades, commodities and futures trading firms have been largely policed by the exchanges where they trade, setting up potential conflicts of interest. These profit-making exchanges, like the CME Group, oversee the very futures firms they rely on for business, a self-regulatory system unlike that overseeing... read more →
Nov 08

CTA wants to fill industry leadership void

Futures Magazine James L. Koutoulas, CEO of Typhon Capital Management, is upset at the handling of the MF Global bankruptcy and wants to give a voice to the thousands of customers who don’t have a seat at the table. Koutoulas, who is also an attorney, is informally representing approximately 200... read more →
Nov 08

Next steps by MF Global clients: anxious waiting and lawsuit preparation

Crain’s Chicago Business Mr. Koutoulas is also rounding up support from other former MF Global customers for an effort to win representation in MF Global's bankruptcy proceedings. “It's the clients' money,” Mr. Koutoulas said in an interview Monday. “No one is protecting the client.”
Nov 05

MF Global clients fear for what they left

The New York Times Mr. Koutoulas, the commodities trading adviser from Chicago, flew to New York early this week to file an emergency motion in federal court asking that all accounts be unfrozen and immediately transferred in full to other clearinghouses.
Oct 31

MF Global bankruptcy rattles Wall St. firms

The New York Times With MF Global filing for bankruptcy on Monday, investors pummeled many financial stocks, fearful that problems were lurking on the books of other Wall Street firms. It was a crisis of confidence, not unlike in 2008 when the markets punished stocks on mere speculation of trouble.