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Typhon looks for managers that have a clearly defined edge within the markets they trade. This leads us to focused, niche managers.

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Managed Risk

Typhon has an independent, empowered risk management committee that monitors our strategies on a daily basis.

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Typhon is an active advocate for investor protections and helps ensure all market participants are properly represented.

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Pronunciation: \ˈtī-ˌfän\
Latin, from Greek Typhōn

n: (Greek mythology) a monster with a hundred heads and one of the whirlwinds; son of Typhoneus and Echidna; father of Cerberus and the Chimera and the Sphinx

n: a deconstructed multi-strategy trading firm, where niche managers can focus only on trading under an umbrella of unified operations, compliance, independent risk management, and business development. Clients can access these modular exposures a la carte or via custom portfolios in Cayman or U.S. funds, or managed accounts.


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The Chiron Currency Program is intraday only and trades G10 currency futures. The strategy is 100% systematic and acts as a liquidity provider within a clearly defined daily risk budget.



The Helios Deutsche Program, managed by Damian Taylor and Hubert Van Den Bergh, uses a proprietary short-term systematic model to trade DAX® futures in an attempt to generate absolute returns uncorrelated to other asset classes. The DAX®’s volatility and price action have made it an ideal instrument for expressing the Helios methodology.


The Leonidas Energy Strategy is a pure discretionary energy trading strategy managed by George Michalopoulos, a senior energy derivatives trader at Citadel. Leonidas has a unique understanding of global supply and demand dynamics as they relate to WTI, Brent, and Henry Hub natural gas.


The Plutus Grain Strategy is a fundamental, discretionary, diversified grain strategy designed to capture returns from the grain markets with a low correlation to traditional assets. It primarily utilizes relative value futures spreads.


The Proteus Dynamic Volatility Program trades the VIX futures term structure. The program analyzes the shape of the curve to determine whether it should be short-vol, flat, or long-vol.


The Vulcan Metals Strategy is a pure discretionary metals trading strategy managed by James Gallo, a NYMEX floor trader since 1987, and Edward Smith, a COMEX Member since 1994. Vulcan trades a variety of metals including copper, gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Vulcan adapts to changing market conditions, the strategy employs intra-commodity spreads to yield additional low risk returns.


The Zephyrus Livestock Strategy is a discretionary livestock strategy designed to capture returns from the hog and cattle markets with a low correlation to traditional assets. This methodology incorporates both fundamental data and technical analysis and prioritizes capital preservation and seeks to provide returns at a moderate level of volatility.

– Customer Advocacy
– Client Protection
– Investor Transparency

Typhon plays an active role in ensuring that market participants are properly represented and investor assets are protected to the full extent of the law—and more.

What we look for in a manager

Typhon looks for managers that have a clearly defined edge within the markets they trade. In most cases, this leads us to focused, niche managers. Typhon strategies are uncorrelated to each other as well as the broader universe of CTAs and tactical traders.

Award Winning

As of August 2016, Typhon has won 40 performance awards from BarclayHedge. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. 

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