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Nov 30

Ex- FBI chief pledges independence in MF Global case

Reuters The deal has met with criticism from at least one lawyer representing customers of MF's commodities brokerage. Attorney James Koutoulas said the bank should not be entitled to any lien on property that could end up belonging to customers. Koutoulas on Wednesday voiced concern that his objection has been... read more →
Nov 25

MF Global customers taking case to Washington

The Wall Street Journal The group, which represents customers who hold more than 7,000 MF Global accounts, is revving up a lobbying effort as Congress prepares to grill regulators on the MF Global bankruptcy and a shortfall of customer funds that could total $1.2 billion, twice what was originally thought.... read more →
Nov 23

Commodity Customer Coalition forms to reclaim MF Global funds

Chicago Tribune The coalition grew out of a meeting with James L. Koutoulas, chief executive of commodity trading company Typhon Capital Management of Chicago, shortly after the announcement of MF Global's bankruptcy on Oct. 31. We found each other through social media. We set up a conference call, and before... read more →
Nov 21

MF Global: The mess that keeps getting messier

Fortune Led by a sense of outrage -- as well as the conviction that if they don't look out for themselves, no one else will -- investors have been pooling information and banding together to defend themselves for weeks. The most prominent group has been the Commodity Customer Coalition, spearheaded... read more →
Nov 18

Benzinga talks to MF Global customer counsel James Koutoulas

Forbes On Monday, the Commodity Customer Coalition filed court papers objecting to a lien on MF Global assets secured by J.P. Morgan (NYSE: JPM) in exchange for allowing the bankrupt firm to use around $8 million in cash for another 5 days. J.P. Morgan, who is the largest creditor of... read more →
Nov 17

MFGI liquidation trustee motions spark commotion

Futures Magazine James Koutoulas, co-founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition, noted, “Customers finally have a seat at the table. We are grateful to Judge Glenn for the opportunity to present our case directly to the Trustee and effect a faster, more equitable distribution of customer assets.”
Nov 16

MF steps ‘nefarious or illegal’: regulator

The New York Post James Koutoulas, the lawyer for the 7,000 MF clients, known as the Commodity Customer Coalition, criticized the move, saying it will subject clients to months or even years of clawback actions. Koutoulas wants his MF clients to be first in line to be repaid in MF’s... read more →
Nov 16

MF Global trustee seeks cash release

The Wall Street Journal Typhon's Koutoulas, who is representing a coalition of several thousand former MF Global clients, said in an interview he intends to present on Wednesday a separate plan that would see all customer assets released by MF Global, using electronic account reports that had been generated daily... read more →
Nov 15

MF Global may get more time to use JPMorgan cash

Reuters JPMorgan received a lien on some MF assets in return for letting MF Global use the $8 million in cash collateral now being used by the company in bankruptcy. That drew the ire of some commodities customers who say JPMorgan was not entitled to any lien that would pay... read more →
Nov 15

MF Global trustee seeks to charge additional fees

Futures Magazine “What is clear is that the trustee is trying to make as much money as possible,” says James Koutoulas, co-founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition. Koutoulas is representing a group of former MF Global customer and brokers and is looking for the trustee to return all customer segregated... read more →