Mar 21

MF Global Customers to Recoup $546 Million

The Epoch Times The trustee of bankrupt MF Global Inc. settled a dispute with J.P. Morgan March 19 that will see $546 million returned to customers. Some experts think the settlement helps to return client funds quickly while others think J.P. Morgan got off too easy.
Mar 18

Hedge- fund manager an impassioned advocate for commodities customers

Chicago Tribune Koutoulas quickly rallied thousands of customers using social media. It was a voice filled with idealism that the people who harmed investors would be held accountable. On CNBC appearances, Koutoulas said things that many were afraid to say publicly. He called Corzine a criminal, suggested that the head... read more →
Feb 20

Kick the bum out: Regulator set to weigh lifetime ban for Corzine

New York Post Roe and James Koutoulas, who helped recover money for MF’s jilted customers, plan to present the proposed ban as their first action as NFA directors. Both were elected in January. MF’s 2011 downfall led to regulatory probes and hearings on Capitol Hill after it was discovered that... read more →
Feb 05

Top 20 most influential: 2012 movers and shakers

Futures Magazine JAMES KOUTOULAS/JOHN ROE, co-founders of the Commodity Customer Coalition. As the MF Global debacle passed its one-year anniversary, Koutoulas and Roe continued to advocate on behalf of former MF Global customers and industry reforms, appearing before Congress to promote their reforms, including an insurance plan modeled after the... read more →
Dec 08
Nov 07
Oct 31

The Case Against Corzine

ZeroHedge If Corzine is allowed to walk, it sends the message to not just the futures industry, but the entire US financial complex, “You can steal customer money from not just commodities accounts, but savings accounts, checking accounts, 401ks, and IRAs so long as you pay Obama 500k in bundled... read more →
Aug 20

Cornering Corzine

Rick Santelli and Council for MF Global customers, James Koutoulas, discuss Corzine’s choice between going out of business, or cheating his customers. Koutoulas states, “The next time a sociopath CEO says, do I go out of business or do I cheat, He’s going to think about the president’s biggest fundraiser... read more →
Jun 18

The 25 Most Dangerous People in Financial Media (In a Good Way)

Huffington Post Koutoulas was so infuriated by the blatant screwing over of his customers that he became a fixture at all of the bankruptcy hearings, not to mention a fixture in the dumbfounded media who worked overtime to explain exactly what went wrong at the brokerage firm and why it... read more →
May 14

Rep. Grimm and 64 others call on Holder

Futures Magazine Two weeks after first circulating a letter addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder asking Holder to appoint an independent counsel to take over the investigation into improprieties involved in the MF Global bankruptcy, Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R-N.Y.) officially delivered the letter to Holder having secured 64 signatures... read more →