Apr 02

Evidence of fraud at MF Global

Futures Magazine The Commodity Customer Coalition delivered a memo to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder as well as U.S. attorneys from New York and Chicago and members of Congress stating that there is clear evidence of an intent to commit fraud by MF Global in its closing days.
Mar 11

An Open Letter to Jamie Dimon

ZeroHedge But, there’s a reason that during Triumphs in Ancient Rome, a slave stood behind the Emperor whispering “all glory is fleeting” in his ear. Because, it is. And, one day, something bad will happen to JPMorgan Chase. I don’t know if it will be a blow-up of the bank’s... read more →
Feb 27

The Fall of MF Global: Inside America’s Eighth Largest Bankruptcy

James Koutoulas, founder and CEO of Typhon Capital Management and co-founder of the Commodities Customer Coalition, has been called "The boy wonder of the MF Global nightmare," by Fortune Magazine. Representing more than 8,000 former MF Global clients, Mr. Koutoulas shared his first-hand account of the bankruptcy case and opine... read more →
Jan 24

Top 25 people and events of 2011

Futures Magazine James Koutoulas, co-founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition. Angered over seeing his MF Global accounts frozen and the lack of response by industry leaders, Koutoulas offered his services to former MF Global customers and created a coalition that arguably has done more to get customers their money back... read more →
Jan 23

Critics sweep election at futures-industry regulator

Thomson Reuters "The overall goal is to change the culture of the organization to be more activist," Koutoulas told Reuters in an interview. Koutoulas and Roe co-founded the Commodity Customer Coalition in late 2011 to help former customers of MF Global get their money back, and now want NFA to... read more →
Jan 11

Brash commodities trader shakes up MF Global case

Reuters He was surprised when his efforts gained attention and other customers sought to join forces, quickly making him the de facto advocate for nearly all customers as head of the grassroots Commodity Customer Coalition. But Koutoulas plays down the "boy wonder" label he's picked up from cohorts. "Alexander the... read more →
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