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Vulcan Metals Fund


The Vulcan Metals Fund is a pure discretionary metals trading strategy managed by James Gallo, a NYMEX floor trader since 1987, and Edward Smith, a COMEX Member since 1994.

Utilizing a global network of information on mining, usage, historical movements, and need, as well as proprietary research, the methodology is exacting yet flexible enough to capitalize on daily market irregularities.

Vulcan trades a variety of metals including copper, gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Vulcan primarily engages in relative value futures spreads, roll arbitrage, and flow trading.


Protection is a key element in generating returns – robust risk management is at the core of this protection. We believe that associated costs are more than compensated for in times of market stress, and the strategy  generates good positive returns in rising markets.

Risk is actively managed through strict risk budget limits at portfolio and individual metals levels, with drawdown limits.


James Gallo- Portfolio Manager

James Gallo joined Typhon Capital Management in May 2016 as the Portfolio Manager of the Vulcan Metals Strategy.

In 1987, Mr. Gallo became a member of Commodity Exchange, Inc., COMEX, based in New York, NY, as the youngest member in its history. Once Mr. Gallo graduated from high school he embarked on what has become a three-decade career in the financial industry, all spent at the COMEX/NYMEX where he has both run All American Copper and been a proprietary trader for 29 years.

Mr. Gallo has also served as President and CEO for the All American Copper Corporation, a order execution firm in New York, NY, since 1994.

Mr. Gallo lives in New Jersey and is an avid sports fan and aficionado of American History.

Edward Smith- Senior Trader

Edward Smith is a Senior Trader within Typhon’s Vulcan Metals Group specializing in precious metals.

Mr. Smith has spent nearly three decades working in the financial industry, beginning as a phone clerk for Harmon, Lichtenstein & Company. Since the start, Mr. Smith has been persistent and keen to learn from each position he has held at each institution.

In 1994 Mr. Smith became a member of COMEX trading proprietary accounts. In 2005, Mr. Smith was hired by Hudson River Futures to trade gold, silver and copper. After working at the NYMEX for over two decades, Mr. Smith parlayed his experience and passion for metals into a new venture with a partner, forming Hudson Floor Brokerage. While growing this new business, Mr. Smith continued to have great rapport with his customers, maintaining his excellent reputation within the industry. Through Hudson, he has worked closely with James Gallo, the head of the Vulcan Metals Group since 2006.

Mr. Smith remains a member of both the COMEX and NYMEX.










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